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Best of design

Race for Space

Think your startup has what it takes to impress a panel of judges to win a year’s free office space in The B:HIVE, the country's largest and smartest co-working building? Then submit your entry into the B:HIVE's Race for Space competition and give your business a boost. And hurry - entries close this Friday, May 18.

Office Design

Icebreaker boss Rob Fyfe is known as one of the most hands-on CEOs in New Zealand. After all, when he led Air New Zealand, he spent one day a month on the shop floor (so to speak) – cleaning toilets, handling baggage or serving drinks on planes. So how – and why – did Fyfe and Icebreaker founder Jeremy Moon decide not to take even a sneak preview into their new corporate headquarters before it was opened?


Massey University students Fraser Callaway and Oliver Ward found design graduates were battling the transition to employment. They responded by creating a cunning and colourful platform, connecting students to studios.


With a crumbling Cathedral at its centre, the rebuild of Christchurch may appear to be no further ahead than when the Government released the blueprint for its recovery two years ago. But apocalyptic woes involving insurance, political interference and flooding are not the whole story. Christchurch journalist Deborah Nation finds those leading the charge are upbeat and optimistic about the future of New Zealand’s second largest city.


Talking life insurance is a sobering enough task, so why not lift the mood with splashes of bright yellow and peaceful blue hues? It's this and other inviting elements that make up AMI's new Auckland retail store.